Purifier for Kids?


    Does anyone know a good purifier under £100 that would be pretty useful for kids aged 6 and under as my nephew gets blocked nose very often

    Many thanks for your help.


    Most young children get a long term runny or blocked nose, it is part of their immune system development; yes you can stop much of it by making everything they touch, eat and breathe as clean as possible; but that greatly increases the risk of more serious allergies later on.

    If the house has electric central heating, the air may be too dry, so a humidifier would probably be better; you dont even need to buy one, just leave a vase/jug of water in a warm spot in their bedroom and top it up every few days.

    Olbas oil is great for it and much cheaper that a purifier .


    Best way to purify a kid is a good wash. oO

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    Thanks for your responses



    Thanks for your responses

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