Purple snakes on panasonic

    Purchased 30/12/06 noticed last night when not running through sky that we had the dreaded purple snakes , contacted panasonic whom have told me i would have to pay all upfront costs for call outs and repairs and they would then review the situation to see if a refund was apllicable , Is this right is there any thing else can do ?

    call out fee alone is £141.00 and they have to take the tv away


    How long have you had TV? is it still in warranty.?

    contact the retailer you bought TV from ,Your contract is with them , not panasonic.

    edit sorry just read your purchase date. unless you got an extended warranty, not alot you can do I dont think unless you can manage something under sales of goods through trading standards (Unfit for Purpose) did you buy using your Credit Card, they may be able to help?

    Is it a Panasonic PX60 plasma? if so there is a fix where they replace a circuit board which as far as I know almost fixes it. have a look on AVForums and do a search for PX60 Purple snakes.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks have contacted panasonic who are going to cover all costs now after a little moan ,
    tv worked fine for the whole yr through sky , builders knocked dish off wall so running through there built in tuner when noticed
    Thanks anyway

    what's a purple snake?
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