Purr-muda Triangle? - LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Found 23rd Oct 2008
Charity concerned over mystery of vanishing cats

An animal rescue charity said Thursday it was concerned by the unexplained disappearances of dozens of cats in a town newspapers have dubbed the "Purr-muda Triangle".

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said none of the remains of the more than 40 pet cats that have gone missing in Stourbridge, over the past eight years have been found.

"We share the concerns of worried cat owners when their pets have gone missing and, in liaison with the police, have investigated the incidents we have been notified of," an RSPCA spokesman said.

"In this case there have been reports of missing cats with no information about how they have gone missing, with no bodies of cats as evidence therefore it is difficult to investigate further without any evidence."

It said it would continue to investigate any fresh incidents.

A local resident, Julie Wootton, formed a group to try and get to the bottom of the mystery after her 15-year-old cat Norman vanished last year.

"It's terrible, the area is just deserted of cats now, people have stopped replacing pets because they can't face the heartache," she told the Daily Mail.
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Is their a local Chinese near by?

Is their a local Chinese near by?

Sadly..we had a spate of this near us. The police investigated and found out the cats were being stolen for dog fighting...baiting the dogs to a frenzy before fights started.

Not a great cat lover - but cvertainly do not condone that. :-(
Sounds like a catascopic catastrophe.
Has the price of a curry dropped in the town recently? hmmmmmmmmm :whistling:

aww thats horrible...shame on anybody that finds that funny :x:

Who finds it funny? If you want funny you have to listen to dead baby jokes... now they're funny!

Has the price of a curry dropped in the town recently? hmmmmmmmmm … Has the price of a curry dropped in the town recently? hmmmmmmmmm :whistling:

Aparenly the police are investigating and are keen to NIP this one quickly...LOL

Too many horrible cats all over any way, a few missing can only help......
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