Put a new keyboard in a hard is it? Help please :-)

    We got an Acer Aspire 3000 Laptop and wanna buy a new keyboard for it
    as the space key came off a while ago (managed to put it back on but it always comes loose again after a few weeks)

    Does anyone know how to do it and how hard it is?


    Depends on the laptop, but typically fairly easily. Somebody with specific experience with Acers might help more. However, often the base of the laptop has a screw marked K/B or similar, undoing this releases the keyboard, which then may be clipped in around the bezal at the top. As I say, though, all laptops are different.

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    Yeah...hmmm.. I have taken apart (and put back together lol) quite a few computers and other things over the years....Just wondering if I can do this myself or should get someone to do it?

    have done a few dell laptops and they are fairly easy
    if you can build a tower from scratch a latop should be no prob

    Extremely easy (on any laptop). Done this several times.

    Certainly yourself. Not a difficult job.

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    Thanks guys
    I guess I´ll buy one off ebay then and try my luck.
    If I get stuck after all I´ll post and ask you for help LOL

    Detailed guide with pictures ]here
    Not your model but they will all be pretty much alike:thumbsup:

    careful u dont mess up the trim can leave ur laptop in a right state


    careful u dont mess up the trim can leave ur laptop in a right state

    Agreed, i have made a plastic tool for my dell laptop from two layers of mobile top up card glued together for strength and cut to a 5mm wide strip.
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