Putting a dog to sleep (PDTS)

Found 21st Jul
The dog in question is a 16 year old jack russell/yorkie cross approx 6kg in weight. I have completed some research but I am finding it difficult to find out the cost.Therefore has anyone had direct experience on PDTS and can advise the cost of the the process including burial/cremation?

Also if anyone has recommendations of vets based in North West England this would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Are you planning on a private cremation and having the ashes back in a casket?
If you aren't planning on having the ashes back then you'll just pay the fee for the euthanasia and that will include a crematorium but not a private cremation. Vet prices vary depending on where you live but you're probably talking about £70 for a small dog without having the ashes back.
You can call the local vets and ask them for prices.
I had my Pomeranian put to sleep last week
Cremated with nice oak box £185
In total it was £258
That was with your vets in Birmingham
A word of warning though , if the time has come to be considering this try to make the incredibly hard decision so that you aren't caught out by having to have this done out of hours . Due to circumstances we didn't have control over the fees for putting one of our animals to sleep were double when it had to be done out of normal hours.

Personally when we lost our previous animals we didn't have the ashes back ,our vet advised against it As they do combined cremations and then have the ashes scattered for you . I think if I had the ashes back I'd end up not being able to part with them. Sending love your way as I know it's a horrible time
I had my cat PTS two years ago, I'm in the North West. The cremation and return of ashes was £110, and she only weighed 5lb.

Cost of actually putting a pet to sleep varies from vet to vet so best call your vet and ask.

So sorry you're going through this.
we had to put our labrador to sleep and it was heart breaking. a really distraught experience.

we had the option of taking the dog to the vet or have the vet come to our house, the latter was more expensive. the vet can arrange the burial or cremation, or you can arrange it yourself. we got the vet to come to our house then we took the body to a pet cemetery to be cremated and the ashes to be put into a small casket to take home. you can buy a burial plot for the pet there or you can scatter the ashes there, just like a human cemetery.

your first action is to phone local vets and ask how much they charge. You will need to decide if you would like the vet to come to your house or take your dog to the vet. I would personally recommend the vet come to your house if the cost is affordable as the dog would sleep in its natural environment.

then look at pet cemetery if you want to arrange this yourself or ask the vet to quote for arranging that, i would say arrange it yourself is the better option as you can choose whatever you want and the costs are different on the various options.
Price vary from area & Vets so best to call them up to find out. It’s not cheap though.

Sorry to go hear you’re going through this. It’s difficult to loose a fur baby.
i don't no how you could do it but understand it needs to be done, i hope i never have to make that choice, i think it a couple of hundred
I'm sure my old dog was only about £40 if that. It was a lab retriever, didn't want ashes and all that malarky. I just took him to vets and left him in there I couldn't go in and watch it all etc.

I knew it was time when he was really struggling to get outside for a wee, 90% of the time he just did it in his room. he could barely stand up in the end.

Just phone around a few as prices probably vary wildly.
Just brought back the memory of my Dachshund who had to be put to sleep...
Pricklerickle21st Jul

i don't no how you could do it but understand it needs to be done, i hope …i don't no how you could do it but understand it needs to be done, i hope i never have to make that choice, i think it a couple of hundred

The downside of being a pet owner.
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