putting dry clean only through washing machne

Found 12th Oct 2017
I have some trousers that are dry clean only what will happen if i put them through the washing machine

..and if i can what settings should i be using they are cotton
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Not a good idea to wash them but if you insist, try a hand wash or delicates/wool cycle. Be prepared to lose them though.
I wouldn't try washing them without looking at the material content on the care label first. If you put them on even a light wash they might shrink. Have you looked at home dry cleaner kits that use just a tumble dryer like this one DrBeckmanns
just seen you've put cotton as material, in which case the shortest 30' wash on their own (so not to get tangled up with other items) should be ok with a high rpm spin cycle and then hang them up to drip dry. Bit of conditioner might also help.
If they are fairly cheap trousers do them on a cool wash (40 degrees), should be OK and anyway you don't want to be forking out £10 a time (or whatever it costs these days ) every time they need a clean , so if it ruins them (very unlikely) you will have saved on future dry cleaning costs .
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I've machine washed dry clean only items loads of times without any problems. But I do put them in a wash bag first and on a lower temperature delicates wash.
A few years ago I applied for a job at a dry cleaners and they had me in for a trial shift (I was offered the job but already accepted a better one). Out the back they had a washing machine where they will was beaded/sequin dresses as they said the dry cleaning chemicals will melt them so can't actually be done. Since that day I have never been to a dry cleaners and just wash at home on the hand wash cycle. In the 5/6 years and at least one load a mint, I haven't ruined anything, including delicate silk dresses and cashmere
I always wash my dry clean items , my washing machine has a delicate cycle , never wash above 30 degrees , put in a wash bag or pillow case if larger if it's delicate . Can also wash at 0 degrees in there is a chance of shrinkage . Only thing I can think of that I have taken to the dry cleaner is suit jackets as they tend to be impossible to iron back into shape after being washed and the creases don't always come out just by reshaping whilst damp.
Some manufacturers put "Dry Clean Only" on their labels to ensure quality of product or to encourage some to spend more than they should on laundry.

If it was me I'd look at the material content, how much I paid for them, how old they were, how easy to replace etc

If I'm doubtful I'd go with a cool or cold wool wash and no spin otherwise they go 40 deg synthetic wash and no spin or just a quick spin (my washing machine has only 1 spin speed so I'll cancel the spin then when the cycle is completed I'd switch it to spin and stop that cycle once the speed hits it's max rpm.)
I guess you have all been waiting with bated breath to see what happened, i put a pair of trousers that said dry clean only through the washing machine, i used a 20 Degrees wash and no tumble dry and.....

It came out perfectly fine
Trousers should be fine in washing machine.
It depends on the cloth material as well. Synthetic cloth like polyester, nylon, etc is always washable at low temperature.
Cotton , rayon is also washable but loses colour and can shrink if not shrunk before sewing. But silk, jute, and linen always lose shine and shape when washed in water. I never buy silk ties or shirts because of this fact . Wool can be washed with gentle detergent specially made for washing wool.
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Trousers should be fine in washing machine.

Wash linen trousers and see what happens. I only learned it the hard way.
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sam_of_london23 m ago

Wash linen trousers and see what happens. I only learned it the hard way.

I have and it came out fine. I put them in at 40 degrees
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