putting more that one picture on ebay free?

i used to be able to create my advert in frontpage and then just copy the html code into ebay and it would allow me to have loads of pictures free of charge. this was a while ago and now i cant seem to do this =(

is there anyway i can get loads of pictures on an ebay advert without paying for them. i know i probably sound like a cheapskate but i think they take far too many fees from us anyway!!!

thanks in advance

edit: ps also is there a reliable ebay and paypal fee calculator out there?


If you upload your pics to [URL="www.photobucket.com"]photobucket[/URL] then you just need to copy and paste the html link

You just need to tick the wee box at the pic you want and scroll to the bottom and click "Generate html code"

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so i can actually still do it using html? only the last time i tried it didnt work :-s

i will try again though!!!


Yup, you should be able too I always use photobucket... I think when you're entering your description you need to click the "html" tab that let's you enter html text for it to work then you can switch back to "standard" and you can enter text normal and see what your description looks like etc

Either do as above or you can stitch several photos together in Photoshop making just 1 image file for Ebay purposes, obviously the file size will be quite large if you do that though.

Good tip

]Paypal Fee Calculator, which is, the FIRST hit in google for "paypal calculator :whistling:

Or trying using Auctiva!

amanda f

Or trying using Auctiva!

Use this myself. The Site can be slow at times but I do like all the little extras that are available on your auction pages. :thumbsup:
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