Putting music on my Sony Ericsson K770i, help please

Found 6th Mar 2009

I have a 4gb memory card and can drag albums over fine - the problem I am having is that 90% of the time it won't store an album as an album, just stores all the songs altogether with all my other music in alphabetical order.

4 of the albums I have copied onto the phone saved as albums, but I have no idea why those albums have done that and how to make my albums do that. These 4 albums saved themselves into my playlist section as separate albums as well as in with the rest in alphabetical order.

It's annoying that I can't put one album on, I have to manually find all the songs I want from each album.

Can anyone help me with this, please? Is there a trick to it? It does my head in sometimes!

Thanks all, rep will be left for help
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What software are you using?
you have to make a playlist mostly
are you talking about when you going on the walkman menu or the sounds ?

Does it list them under Artist instead and not album? If you choose … Does it list them under Artist instead and not album? If you choose Artist then All, then it lists the albums.


How could I not know that was there :oops:

:giggle: rep on its way

Thanks! Took me a while to figure that on my W810!

Well I really appreciate it and am so glad I asked here - I was about to dig out the software CD and try and figure it out LOL!
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