Putting My Iphone Apps on a Second Unit (Ipod Touch)?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help - I have an iphone with plenty of apps and I have bought an ipod touch for my daughter (partly to get her off my iphone!) and would like to put some apps i've paid for on the ipod touch.

    Is that possible or will I have to pay for them again?



    As long as they have been paid for, you should be able to put them on - I've put apps from my iphone onto my sons touch. Go to iTunes, and either drag them over or sync. Don't forget to click the setting of manually install on the touch, otherwise it will replace all the music/videos with yours.

    I believe you can had up to 5 devices at one time.

    All in here -…tml
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    Yup you can do it. Got the same setup

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    Superb guys, thanks for your time & advice.
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