putting my todler in to her single bed for the first time....duvet advice

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Found 14th Jan 2009
looking to puy my daughter in to her single bed for the first time we have character beding that for single bed and was wonding what duvets are suitable for her as shes is 2.

where is the best place to buy a duver from?

read so far that 4.5 to 10.5 tog

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I think a health visitor would be the best source of advice.


I think a health visitor would be the best source of advice.

Was it you who had the beige carpet...have you fitted it yet ?

you're right the lighter quilts are best at that age. don't worry too much coz 9 x out of 10 they end up with the quilt off them. my eldest has been in his bed since about 22 months and used a 10.5 tog coz it was winter and he was absolutely fine. he now has a thick double duvet on a single bed and he's 4 lol

Anything easily washable, if it falls off try putting a fleecy blanket on the bottom bit and tucking it in...if you secure the foot bit only they don't feel constricted but the quilt stays more or less on.

These look really good, our daughter isn't quite old enough yet for going into her first bed but this is a great idea
The covers wont fall off and it helps stop them falling out of bed

The other thing to think about, is do you want her wandering around if she gets up in the night ? we left the bedroom door open but put a stairgate across the doorway........
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