Putting new HDD Into PC [Technical help?]

    Hiya, I Recently bought a 1.5TB Samsung F2 HDD from Aria, and planning to put into my PC.
    I thought it was pretty straight forward, I plugged it in and went to the bios menu. It didnt detect it, fair enough, life isnt always that simple. So i went on samsung website, no help there.... Went on google to look for some forums.. couldnt find much there. Except for this one forum which they have had issues with the MOBO but they somehow rectify it..
    I've tried, taking all the HDD's out except for that one, wouldnt detect,
    I've tried, putting a jumper setting on it so that it is physically forced to be SATA I
    I've tried, switching SATA ports and cables to see if the cable is broken etc.
    The HDD Is spinning and warming up nicely so it shouldnt be faulty.
    Shouldnt be DOA as packaging from aria was good.

    my MOBO is the Abit AV-8 3rd eye, only can use 150 m/b transfer speed (SATA I),
    I've got the latest BIOS ava. I believe there isnt (or I've not found) any HDD drivers for the AV-8, I assumed it might need a driver update or patch since the machine is about 4-5yrs old.

    I dont really know where to go from there. I hope some of the tech people can help, because im just a bit stumped on where to go from here..

    I dont plan to upgrade my PC until a couple of years time because atm it runs my work programs fine, and Im not a huge fan of 'i must have the best graphics on my game'. I still play AOE2 occasionally with friends.. lol.

    So any help would be GREAT! Many thanks, Rep button on the ready...


    Could you not put it as an external and boot up, just to see if windows detects it, that way you know the hd works at least.

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    Lol funny thing is the only external HDD Case i have is an IDE one...... so that option is out.. d'oh! unless you have another way of making it external?

    I was thinking of getting one of those SATA ports card using the PCI slot, least then I would know there are drivers which can process this, tho i am not sure on the speed of those.

    The pci card could work, would be worth a try. shame about that, i have a cable kit from ebay, it works on any sata or ide, it's come in handy over time.


    Firstly you should be able to get the HDD to run as primary if you remove ALL the jumpers instead of playing round with them. I would only worry about this if you wish the HDD to run as primary or slave with a second HDD.
    Also update your SATA drivers on your MOBO from:…ver

    I am not sure as not tried to use HDD of this size as an internal but there may be a limit to the size recognised in older RAID 0/1 Motherboards. I would look into that also.

    AS a last resort you could jack it as an external until you upgrade the computer.…727

    If none of this helps i hope someone else can

    If your PC is four or five years old maybe it does not support a 1.5Tb hard drive?

    Try getting a smaller one (500Gb?) and see if that works.

    I bought an empty SATA caddy from PC World the other day (needed one in a hurry, Akasa it was).

    Always good to have a "spare" external caddy (I have both an IDE one and a SATA one)

    I notice on the Abit web site there is a "contact ABit" link, maybe use that to send them a note asking if that MBoard supports a 1.5Tb drive.…MG=

    Your motherboard contains the VIA KT800 Pro chipset.

    Have you tried downloading the latest drivers for that chipset?

    Windows Update may find the driver if you go through Windows Update.…ro/

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    Sometimes you have to go into control panel performance and maintenance … Sometimes you have to go into control panel > performance and maintenance > administrative tools > computer management > storage and then disk management and detect it and format it there.:thumbsup:

    Im on vista so im assuming you mean right click My Computer --> Manage--> Disk management. I've tried that, it cannot see it either.

    I've contacted Abit but i think waiting for reply will be like watching paint dry..

    SATA Caddy or SATA Card may be the options i will go for but is there anything else I can do prior to buying more things?

    Edit: I'll try those now,

    your system is old but you say you have the latest bios. it should be detecting it at boot, if not then any windows / driver stuff is redundant. i assume you've jumpered it to force it to sata150. so the next logical step is to try it either via usb or in another system to check if the drive is dead. (the control board could be DOA, possilbly via static shock, and the drive would still spin up if it had power.)

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    Your motherboard contains the VIA KT800 Pro chipset.Have you tried … Your motherboard contains the VIA KT800 Pro chipset.Have you tried downloading the latest drivers for that chipset?Windows Update may find the driver if you go through Windows Update.

    Im back, downloaded and Installed it but no luck, it looked like the right direction because i was installing something about HDD drivers etc.

    I've tried the jumper settings but still no luck.

    Lol PC world enclosures doesnt do up to 1.5tb grr..


    These are great. Really handy for hot-swapping / testing and system backups.
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