Putting software onto netbook help!!!!

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I now have a Samsung nc10 notebook, and im looking at putting my PE5 software on it. I have installed it on my main computer and went into program files and dragged the folder. it starts up ok but won't let me get any further as i obviously havn't entered the product code this time although i have the product code, it isn't aking for it just refusing.

Is there anyway for me to be able to enter the product key to get it working or anyway of getting the software on it.

Also i have a couple of games i would like to put on it, it wants the CD but obvioulsy i can't put it in as there is no disk drive is there a way to do this as well? ideally step by step guide, as at the moment it is asking for the cd




get an external cd drive.........btw this has been asked before hotukdeals.com/ite…10/

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Thanks i did the shared documents thing however it still won't work as there is no cd in the drive as there is no cd drive.



"and went into program files and dragged the folder"
If your trying to install software from one Pc to another PC by copying the folders in program files .Absolutely no way can you do this .It just doesn't work .
If you install a bit of software , the program splits up , some files go into windows , some into the registry ,a folder will be created in program files with files in it . You cannot simply copy that folder onto another PC and expect it to run . You have to re-install the complete program onto the new PC . Like me recently , you bought a notebook , I got the Eeepc 1000H , it too doesn't have a CD rom . Using a external hard drive I copied the programs from disk onto this and installed my programs onto my new notebook . I also have a USB CD/DVD writer , I am now using this to install my programs .My advice would be to source a new external CD/DVD reader/writer .

Tried ripping the disk with nero to a bin file an then copying that file over to the netbook.
Then mounting the file with daemon tools?

Think you'd be best off networking to your PC which has a cd drive and sharing said drive.
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