(putting)Tiger woods on the wii?

    is there anyway to change the power meter so its more realistic? for example on wii sports golf, if you do a soft swing, it hits the ball a small amount. if you do a harder swing it hits it further ?

    the putting on tiger woods seems very unrealistic, the hole could be a short distance but you have to give it 100% on the power meter. just seems a bit naff.

    I know you can move the marker meter which changes the power percentage, but is there a way to remove this altogether?


    you can get putting assistance on the options i think, but try just tilting the remote rather than swinging it, it is a but of a tough one though agreed

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    thanks , really lets the game down in my opinion.

    the whole point of a wii remote is to give a life like feel, was really dissapointed with it.
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