Found 25th Mar 2008
Three men go into a hotel and book a room. The room costs £30 for one night and the guys each hand over £10 to the Manager and head off to the room.

Later that day the Manager realises that the room should have only cost £25, so he calls the Bellboy over, hands him £5 and tells him to return it to the gentlemen.

On the way up in the lift, the Bellboy wonders how he's going to split the £5 between the three men. He knocks on the door and when it's answered gives each of the three men £1.00 back, he keeps the other £2.00.

Now the men have paid £9 each for the room and the Bellboy has the £2.

Where did the other pound go???

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An old chestnut...
Manager has £25, 3 men have £1 each, Bellboy has £2 = £30
"The other pound" is a red herring. You should be doing 3 x £9 = £27, Manager has £25, Bellboy has £2 = £27
Nothing missing.
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