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    i'm looking for a pvr system. something fairly cheap but decent enough quality. it needs to be able to record from my sky box, i also have integrated freeview on my tv, so if its possible to record from that too? i have no idea about these systems. I would also like something that i can transfer too from my laptop or even take a usb device or memory card?
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    Some of the Freeview PVRs will have scart inputs to record from a Sky Digibox, of course the PVR and the Sky Auto view function need to be in sync on record times for anything to be recorded.

    Scart output from your tv to your pvr might be possible depends if your tv can do it, i;m not sure it can, as your pvr will have freeview anyways...

    What do you define cheap?

    Anything half decent doesn't seem less than £70ish.

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    i guess under £100 is good. i have no idea really
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