PYRAMAT S2000W gaming chaor

Found 2nd Dec 2007

or if poss this slightly better version


Looking for one of these for a xmas present please ! (umm not from you lot but if anyone wants to lol?!:w00t: )

I see currys doing the s2000W for £99 and there is a voucher for 5% off and I think quidco has 5% too all with free delivery

Anyone got any better deals they know about?

Thanks loads for any help!!

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debenhams had the wireless for £80 (with a code) yesterday, I am sure it was on until the 4th but I cannot see it now...Argos do a x-rocker for £59.99

try this with code PFSP & let me know how you get on!

Thanks Kimbomeister
Spotted this one too,...unfortunately out of stock via online, will try ringing them though as it looks as though they might honour it and ship one in .

If anyone else has any more input or offers to consider then by all means chime in and a hearty thank you to all!

Necro a go go
i dno bout others but the one from argos looks really flimsy.
Thanks it looks like the Pyramar one but I cant see it clearly enough
any ideas anyone?
I'm looking for one too. Argos have money off a few models, but I have no idea what one to get.
s2000 wireless seems to get good reviews, and hence was one of the main ones I asked about.
Anything more on that one from Netto? Is is the same or an own brand? saying that does anyone in the know think the own brand one is any good?

Many many thanks!

I think you'll find it's the 2500 model that Curry's are selling not the 2000 one. Not sure if it's better or not.
I went back to look at the netto leaflet so I could compare and I cant see the one with the chair now

any help out there?
Or is this a naff version?

I think the only way to tell is to go into Netto & have a nosey..must say though every time I go in they never have the item advertised in the weekly flyer! I would hold on until after xmas (unless its a present!)
I think the price will crash...
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