Found 29th Sep 2007
Tried searching but couldnt see anything.

Anyone know or tried signing up to Great Universal with new accounts and applying for the 20weeks interest free to get the £30 off. I am after some other stuff and wondered about creating a new account but using same direct debit as my other account to try get the discount.

I am wondering if anyone has created more than 1 or 2 accounts but used same card details for payment, and what details I idealy need to change
for example
Name and email
or will just creating a account with same name and address but registering with a different email work


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Great Universal are awful. Steer clear.


I really hope those that do as you wish to do really do get caught and get done for fraud, A code for a new customer is exactly that, for a new customer, not one that holds 3,4,5 accounts in the same name :roll: I really do hate it when i see posts like this, it really makes these sort of forums rather criminal


GU are fine, so long as you arn't expecting premium 1st class service sensible service, they're like any other catalogue site, just be on the ball and chase them up, assume nothing.

I ordered two Nokia 6300's for £47 each at different address's without problems, i could of done more considering the amount of houses I have access to.

I agree with sassie though, multiple accounts at the same address takes the mickey.

People inexperienced with online shopping and who arn't assertive will not have the chutzpah to blag this kind of thing though and should possibly stay away.

To anybody worried, I don't think that you will be carted off to the 'Big house' for taking advantage of a £30 discount that G.U. have the oppurtunity of denying at the time of order. :thumbsup:
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