Q on holiday bed linen please

    Booked a sun holiday at park resorts (Kessingland) no bed linen is provided, does this mean that duvets and pillows will be? and i just have to take sheets? Has anyone been there and no if you can hire them there? as it doesnt say when i booked. but does say they are free when on there website- but mind you say elec and passes free which aint on sun holidays. I am going by bus so taking duvets and pillow will be a no no.
    Thanks for any replies LouLou


    yes duvets and pillows should be provided, it will be the sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases that arent included. They usually let you rent them for a price so its worth phoning and asking them

    :)yes like the above post says,just need the sheets pillow cases ect there normally priced for hire at £10 per room,but if it states free on the website get a screen shot print it out and fight your case when you get there,if your in budget accom it wont be provided,if normally in silver or gold range usually is;-)

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    Thanks will give them a ring when i get info from them.

    At some of the sites, u pay a £10 deposit for quilt covers, sheets and pillow cases. this is refunded at the end of your stay.

    Happy holidays
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