QI: Magnetic Norh pole change into South pole..??

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Found 1st Sep 2010
Saw an old ep of QI. Heard Stephen Fry mention that the magnetic North pole will change to the magnetic South pole...How does that work?
Also who's your most fav/least fav QI Guests?

Does the earth REALLY have 5 moons (according to QI)


Currently there are many theories on how it would work...

A main idea is that a specific motion in the earths core will create an electro magnetic field, which would affect the poles - im not sure too into detail but if you look aroun don the web it could give you some ideas on how it happens...

QI Guest has to be Alan Davies...


i like Jo Brand and hate Jeremy clarkson

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i like Jo Brand and hate Jeremy clarkson

Jo Brand is not funny, same goes for Phil Jupitus...
Sean Lock, David Mitchell, Bill Bailey some of my favs...Rory McGrath was good but i think he was only in a few of the eps.

Love Bill Bailey & Rich Hall

Yes it will, and has done many many times in the past.


Yes it will, and has done many many times in the past.

Yep..one of the easiest ways geologists spot this is thought the polarity reversal on mid Atlantic ridge spread.

Ps..a polarity reversal is long overdue in geologic terms...dont buy homing pigeons this week lol..

Best is Sean Lock or David Mitchell.

Worst is Alan Davies.
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