Qnap failed, need help, lost all data, TS259+ Pro

Found 13th Jul 2015
Hey guys.
I came home and could not access my drive, I contacted QNAP and they said its probably the drive.
I lost everything, I lost all my girls pictures and videos and music.

My fault for not running a dual drive.

Anyway, sob story over, can anyone recommend a drive, it needs to be at least 3tb, and will buy 2 this time.

Can anyone help and point me in the right direction for a 3tb drive that I can use on my drive.

There are so many on the qnap site, but need the cheapest and best as I need to buy 2 which I cannot afford.

Thanks all

PS. Says it cannot see drive, even though I have cleaned out the dust ect..

Thanks all :


Cannot detect the HDD(s)
Please check that you have installed the HDDs correctly. If this problem persists, please contact QNAP for help.

Error Code:

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You should try the drive in another system. The drive itself isn't the only point of potential failure here - there's also the connectors, the Qnap controller, the cables, and the power supply. Any of them could've failed instead of the drive.

In future though, yeah, you're a muppet. Never have just one copy, and if you have two copies, keep them in separate locations. The more degrees of isolation, the better.
Yup im a idiot, why why why.

Will try the qnap forum and see whats what.
I'm just in the process of setting up my NAS, a lot of people seem to recommend the Western Digital Red Drives, available in a variety of sizes, so opting for a couple of those mirrored.
I've also had a failed drive recently and managed to recover my data using a program called 7-Data Partition Recovery, but other people on here may have better solutions.
so gutted, had all my kids pics on it and everything.
Will have to get someone with a PC to see if the HDD is bad.

Anyone recomend 2 drives I can buy so I can start over? Dont have a lot of cash

Yup im a idiot, why why why.Will try the qnap forum and see whats what.

i would take out the drive and try it out on a another system. BTW, how old is the drive and what brand is it?
try the forum
in my experience, the people on their message boards know the most about the products
Hey, its a 3tb seagate barracuda.
Just ordered 2x 3tb WD Red drives to replace the dead ones, did not have the cash but had to happen.

Just so gutted I lost all my kids videos and pictures.

Does anyone know who can extract the data at a reasonable price as I dont think the disc is spinning?

Thanks again
I have reinstalled my Red drives.
What Raid do I need do I need to make sure everything is being coped from disc 1 to disc 2 automatically ?

Sorry to hear of your issues, but just to note you mention about getting another physical drive for additional backup purposes - with the cost of cloud data it is also worth having your content updated online as well. I use Google Photos and Google Music, both of which allow a huge amount of storage for free then you can buy extra storage space for a very cheap monthly fee.
Thanks so much ipswich78.
Does anyone know what raid I need to make sure I have a back up on the 2 drives?

Is it Raid 1 ?
Try Raid 1 for Disk to Disk Mirroring from one to the other
How much do you think it would cost to get all the data from a broken drive (Roughly)

Thanks again all for the advise.

How much do you think it would cost to get all the data from a broken … How much do you think it would cost to get all the data from a broken drive (Roughly)Thanks again all for the advise.

Your broken drive was 3TB? so do you know how much space was taken up by your personal data etc..?
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