QTechWorld selling very cheap games.

Has anybody heard of QTechWorld? I came across this site while searching for red dead redemption on google product search.
I'm not sure how legit this is but they currently have Alan Wake for £4.86 and Red Dead Redemption for £8.85. There are lots of other games on there too. Im sure there is a delivery charge or some tax to be added, I didnt bother to register to find out but even so it's still cheap. Seems suspicious to me but they have a contact address. I havent gone for it myself but just thought I would point it out if anybody was interested. If anybody has used them before please let me know.
I was going to post this as a deal but it seems to good to be true.

EDIT: Looks like QTechWorld is a fraudulent/scam site. I would not risk buying anything from them.



typed in reviews and got this

My experience so far is dreadful, I wanted to buy goods but they rejected my card? ........why?........ so I've checked around abit, the address they give is not correct, the address is for student accomodation on southhampton place, (not) southhampton row, as they state their address is, also the number supplied by them to contact them has a (0) missing from the front of the telephone number, and when number is called the operator states the number is out of service, do not process your card, beware qtech may be a fraudulant site, Mrs S Foster

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Thanks for that. I thought it was too good to be true.

Theres more info about them here Clicky

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I searched for QTechWorld on here but nothing came up. Thanks for the link.

Yeah stay clear :lol Normally you can spot a scam Co's of the cheapness of the site. I wonder If Someone on Qtechworlds forum is laughing at referrers

I asked the same thing the other week in this thred:


I dont think they are legit


q tech was that not an 80,s rave band...!

remember them bossy!!!

This is the third thread about them in the space of a week. Google, man, google.


q tech was that not an 80,s rave band...!remember them bossy!!!

You mean Q-Tex

Power Of Love



You mean Q-TexPower Of Love

thats the band,knew somebody would bite...;)

I've still got a few of their cd's



I've still got a few of their cd's

showing your age there dontasciime...
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