Qtrax and Universal have signed a deal - FREE MUSIC FOR EVERYONE!!!

    You might remember a few months back the new music download service called Qtrax. They claimed that you could download any song from them FREE and LEGALLY. The only trouble was, non of the major record labels had actually signed up for this so no music was actually available to download.

    BUT, as of yesterday there's great news. Universal, which is the biggest record label, has signed up to Qtrax and that means you'll soon be able to download ANY song by ANY artist who are "owned" by Universal.

    Go to to download the free software.


    do these have the 10 second adverts like the sony ones?

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    do these have the 10 second adverts like the sony ones?

    No, no adverts on any of the audio. They're funded by the adverts that appear on the software that you need to download to be able to download the songs.
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