Quad Core laptop with independent graphics for less than £400?


    SInce I'm the most "technical" of all my family, they have yet again relied on me to find a good deal on a laptop for another family member. Unfortunately it's been quite a while since I have bought/built a new PC so I really am not in the know when it comes to what is worth the money nowadays.

    From what I've seen on here and other sites, I'm hoping for the laptop to have a quad core processor and hopefully an independent graphics card, as the person in question will be doing some gaming (i.e. Sims 3 and the like) but not any heavy gaming. HDD size doesn't matter too much so 250Gb would be plenty enough.

    First of all, is there much point in wanting a separate graphics card (not onboard) and secondly, is there much point in wanting a quad core, as the dual-core laptops are pretty cheap nowadays?

    The maximum budget is £400 so I've been told!

    Any help or advice is much appreciated!


    £400 you wont get much for that new!

    A mate of mine uses the Dell outlet site for great laptop deals…dfo



    I've been looking for laptops and I've been looking for really better one's with dedicated graphics, dual cores, but this is really hard to find at the moment. Most of the laptops they're trying to sell are really crappy, with no dedicated graphics, some do not even have dual core, and findining a quad core is nearly impossible for that price. Why would you need a quad core anyways? It's ok if you have a Dual core. Haven't seen any really cool games that require quad core or any software of any kind.
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