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Found 6th Jan 2008
Looking for a quality bluetooth optical mouse for my new laptop. Don't necessarily need a small "travel" one, main priorites are quality and price. Cheers!


I was looking for a bluetooth mouse and had problems using them with my HP laptop. I now use a Logitech VX nano. Its not bluetooth but the usb adaptor is tiny so you can leave it in your laptop all the time. It also stores in the mouse when not been used. It takes AAA batteries and I have been using it every day for months on the original battery. Bluetooth mice seem to eat batteries like one a week.

It gets 5 stars from me and everybody on amazon. Cost is about £40.

Note it is only good if you use the mouse in your right hand.

But it needs a usb port for the receiver. My laptop only has 2 so that would not work so well lol

Have a look at the Logitech V470.
I bought one with a voucher from Expansys for £21.60 delivered.
I have not installed the included software as I don't require any of the extra features.The mouse was recognised by my Dell vostro laptop and took less than 2 minutes to get working.

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good suggestions there guys, will have a look into those two!!!
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