Quality car fuses?

Posted 26th Oct
Does anyone recommend any quality car fuses which will actually blow under higher load?

Many of the cheap fuses out there actually don’t blow. And are the same fuses in a different housing.
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how do you know?
Put them between the terminals of your battery - they'll blow.
Even a 6" nail will 'blow' (150mm) but don't actually try this - please.
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while you don't actually say what type of fuse I'm assuming you mean blade fuses ? i work in the forklift business and we use sealed type blade fuses which are destined to blow at the correct rating and under high current faults-they don't like us using generic car fuses for the very reason you have stated, unfortunately i cant find any links to these but as a general rule of thumb you get what you pay for so look to pay for a named brand
A fuse is a fuse there no special ones just different types and ratings
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