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    Hi there

    I'm really looking for a decent pair of earphones for me to listen to mp3's at work. All im looking for is a nice comfortable pair that I can use for 8 hours a day without getting some degree of earache.

    I've looked on ebay but tbh the majority are hongkong imports and I've no way of knowing the quality (plus delivery takes 2 weeks!).

    Any help apprec.




    How much do you want to spend? Earphones (as opposed to headphones) go up to £250 for Shure E5cs.

    Shure make the best earphones but may not be what you wanted.

    Sennheiser's MX range is generally considered best in class (sub £30).
    The MX550s are £12 at which is RIDICULOUSLY cheap.

    I've got a pair of MX550s that were £30 from HMV.

    I rate them, but girlfriend says they are too big and uncomfortable.

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    Yeah im looking for suub £30 earphones really - just comfort and sound quality im looking for - they dont have to look anything special if they have both of those qualities.


    The MX550 by Sennheiser are £12 at [url][/url] which is RIDICULOUSLY cheap.

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    Yup ordered and got 7% from quidco too.

    Thanks Andi.

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