Quality headphones below £50

    As per the title really.
    I'm looking for some decent quality headphones at a low price or as low a price as possible.
    Currently have a pair of Skullcandy Hesh Headphones, but a mishap involving a rough handed friend means that the shelf life of my current headphones is going to be limited.
    I'm not really a fan of in ear earphones because the quality is so tinny, and I listen to mainly bass heavy tunes on my iPhone. Tried the Monster Beats by Dre in the Apple store and a friend owns a pair but would rather but them in the US when I next go, so want a pair that will last a good year at the shortest if possible.
    Sorry about the essay, thanks.



    Quality website mate.
    I've got these ones, they are absolutely awesome for the price.


    Original Poster


    ] website mate.I've got these ones, … ] website mate.I've got these ones, they are absolutely awesome for the price.]

    Cheers for the link been looking on there for about an half an hour or so now, seen a few decent pairs.
    As for the in ear buds, I'm not a fan, prefer over the ear efforts, sound quality is what I'm after and I think I've seen the ultimate pair in the Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass Headphones -…htm, but I've heard the XB500 version of the headphones are slightly better for an extra £15. Think I may go with them -…htm they look the business, but I'll wait til I read a few reviews first.

    Is there any headphones on this website that have an inbuilt radio antenna? I've lost mine for my Cowon D2 dab and really need it
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