Quality HTC Desire Case + Screen Protector

    Can anyone please suggest me a Quality HTC Desire Case and Screen Protector...

    not very expensive ones tho...

    i did search in amazon and ebay but there are too many choices.. anyone who bought any recently..?


    ebay do loads..... i bought a wildfire silicone case and a protective screen for <£3 delivered.

    got a case mate barely there for a tenner of play, it came with a screen protector.

    doesn't bulk out the phone too much.

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    thanks for the Info guys... I'll try a £3ish one from ebay... if am not satisfied I'll go for an expensive one

    You won't need a screen protector. Had my desire for around a year and not a scratch on the screen, the screen is pretty tough. I got one with the case I bought but it just annoyed me so I took it off after a day.

    EDIT: Think the one I bought was "HTC DESIRE HYDRO GEL CASE SMOKE BLACK". Had some good reviews on forums etc.
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    Zagg full body. Had mine on since July and it's still stuck perfectly. Doesn't affect functionality at all. £9.99 at play

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    thanks taz and deek... deek the one you posted is for desire z and am not a big fan of full body cover.. i'll try the hydro gel case... thanks guys HUKD rocks!
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