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Found 28th Dec 2010
Hi, I am after a set of quality kitchen knives and would be willing to spend up to about £60. I have looked in various different places and found what I belive to be reasonable deals. However not having ever owned a decent set of knives and knowing very little about the brands out there, any advice on which ones to buy would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you
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U can get very good knives in tk maxx, I got a set of Sabatier for 50 and they usually retail at over 120
All about global
same here, tk maxx is great for kitchen stuff, got prestige ones at a fraction of the rrp.
try the salter pro sharp sets (the guardian ran an offer for around £30 may still be available) ive still got my pro' sabatiers which ive had for 30 years since i trained and use the salters far more often as they are so good, well balanced with a really good edge, and sot grip handles so dont make your hands sore like the globals
Thank you very much for your help everyone
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