Quality knives and pans.

    Over the next few weeks I will be investing in some good kitchen knives and pans.

    Kinives I would pay about £80, any good makes out there in this price range that are worth the money?

    Also need a set of good quality pans and a wok. My other half bought me another wok last week and already it has two sticky spots on the bottom where the food has stuck to it in previous cooks. It was only a fiver so will a more expensive one stop this or is it the way I am cooking?


    Did you 'season' the wok before use?

    I do not mean adding salt and pepper btw;-)

    With any wok,before you use it for cooking,heat some oil in the wok and swill it around the inside,then wipe it out with some kitchen roll.Also,you are not supposed to wash the wok with detergents,you are just supposed to wipe them out with paper roll after use,this carries in the 'seasoning' process.

    Will have a look for some pans for you,not sure on the knives though(hopefully a chef on here can help you with those)

    if you can stretch to it, the Jamie Oliver tefal range has a very nice wok kinda pan in it. we love ours but it was pricey.

    You will be just starting on the decent named brands for knives at £80 if you wanted a full set. If you just wanted 3 or 4 main knives you could pick from most good brands and it just depends what you prefer....? (designwise etc) and what your willing to pay! lol.

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    Cheers guys n gals, on the knife situation I think maybe 4 would do as I am not clued up on what each knife is exactly for so I would probably just end up picking the nearest one to me anyway. I just want to be able to slice through meat and veg with ease, this would half my prep time I am sure!

    I have just spent over 2 hours preparing the veg for the broth!! Oh and my flaming pan is not big enough for the veg that I have done...argh!!!!!

    Oh and thanks for the wok tip Pup.

    Here are a set of pans to have a look at ]click 5 piece set,Prestige pans with lifetime guarantee £85.
    There is 6% quidco with additions direct,and also a £10 off first order code in the voucher section zq0188,if you have used this then there is a free delivery code (zq2322)...del cost is £3.50 btw.

    I have chosen these pans because I was bought a set of Prestige pans as a wedding present(from an aunt who worked as a catering manager) and I think they are fab.They will withstand a lot of abuse,I have burnt many a thing:giggle: over the years and they still clean up as if nothing was there!

    Now I have told you this,you have every right to ignore any cooking tips i post in your thread:-D
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