Quality Laptop

    Don't really want to spend more than £400 on a laptop, but also would like one to be quite good quality.

    Preferably would like:
    As much memory as possible, about 100gb hard drive, wifi, dvd writer, bluetooth...

    And anything else would be a bonus

    Suggestions/links please


    Lol youll be lucky it has tro be said!

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    Gotta be some offers about.... surely (and I'm not calling you Shirley either)

    Stick a one on the front and you'll get a very very nice laptop like one of the Sony SZ series. But at £400 then something like this: ]http//ww…asp is the best you'll get.

    There are offers, but for what you want, you'll be very lucky to get a "decent" brand. Add another £50-100 and you might start to get there...

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    Comments on this one - for the price it seems ok. Have accepted that I'll need to spend a bit more to get a decent spec.

    £500 would be my max though

    And... what would be a decent make...? I'm using Compaq at home, and my mum's Laptop is a Compaq

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    Thanks Had a look at that thread earlier on. I've officially pickled my brain now with all kinds of specs. Have gone for an Acer - £500 from PC World. Even though the spec is pretty much the same as a Compaq (which will be on offer over the Bank Holiday). I've been across the WWW all night checking out reviews & what people think. Such a wonderful WWW it is too... and that's why my brain is…8-3

    this is a decent buy..just upthe ram to 1gb..quite a cheap mod
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