Quality micro USB mains charger?

    Have heard horror stories of low-quality phone chargers causing fires. Also personally had a cheap AC adaptor in the past go out with a loud pop!

    Looking for an official micro USB charger (LG, Samsung etc.) for a decent price. Amazon and eBay are obviously minefields. Google have them for £10 but then there's postage on top. Any better deals?


    How about an Anker 40W (£16-20) that charges 5 devices and is pretty small.

    there was a thread on this last night
    anker 40w charger is one of the best options

    +1 for the Blackberry Playbook charger in post #1, they are cheap and work very well.

    I've been looking myself, it is very frustrating trying to find sensible compatibility information. A common standard for charging is good but the accessory makers are still stuck in the mentality of a decade ago where each phone has it's own charging standard and a 'genuine' reference charger.

    So instead of telling you that, for example, the charger supports standard USB and battery charging 1.2 but not power delivery profile 1 you get a list of 'compatible' devices with no information on how fast it'll charge them.

    I'm still looking but the two I've been most impressed with information-wise so far are:®-Family-Sized-Smartphones-Bluetooth-USB-Powered/dp/B00JQ2PO40…0AC

    The latter is from arctic cooling, better known for their Freezer 7 and Freezer 13 CPU coolers and appears to be £9.99 delivered (according to amazon's postage estimator).


    How about an Anker 40W (£16-20) that charges 5 devices and is pretty … How about an Anker 40W (£16-20) that charges 5 devices and is pretty small.

    I'll second this, fantastic charger with fast charging times and portable.
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