Found 29th Dec 2009
There are a few dvds i want from CEX but i can't get them at my local store. Instore the quality of some of the cases is bad anyone got any feedback of items ordered online?
Thanks guys

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i cant help but would be interested to know too as im looking a few blu rays from them

A mixed bag really. All goods are sold as second hand. However I find newer titles are generally in good condition. If however its an old title don't expect it to be great.

So long as discs are not severely scratched CEX will take them in, so bear that in mind.

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Thanks i buy a lot instore and know some can be really tatty but wondered if the had a quality control for the online items

Won't get second hand now as most discs are very scratched!
It annoys me, how hard is it to put the game back in the case without scratching it!

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thats where the 12 months warranty on all items comes in handy:thumbsup:

ive had difficulty with them online - easier to pop into the stores but the local one often doesnt have what i want in stock so ive taken a few risks - the first time the game didnt arrive but was only for £2 and couldnt be bothered to chase a refund as they didnt answer the first email i sent - then i ordered a couple of games that arrived seperately, one after a few days, the other after 2 weeks! I think they send them out from different stores...

then i ordered two games which didnt even arrive so its risky takin a punt with these guys online - when it comes off, you get a game ata cheap price otherwise go into the local store..
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