Nestle Quality Street 1.2kg Tin Pick & Mix from £12 at John Lewis In-store Only

Posted 26th Sep
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From 26th September, John Lewis will delight Quality Street fans by offering the unique chance to fill a tin with any single favourite from the full selection of the 13 varieties of sweet – with personalisation options available.

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Just buy 4tins for same price and donate the colours you dont like to family members. Havent voted either way just think this concept is stupid.
you have to be on drugs to pay that amount.
toonarmy200026/09/2019 05:21

you have to be on drugs to pay that amount.

You get to pick your own flavours though. Imagine you know someone that has a favourite flavour and you gift them this. They think "oh thank you" thinking it's a nice gesture... But then they realise that the tin is personalised...and it's filled with NOTHING but their favourite... That I think would make them cry of happiness.

You're not paying for the chocolate, you're paying for the privilege of a very nice gesture and a good feeling.
Edited by: "MadeDixonsCry" 26th Sep
does anyone know the 13 sweets to choose from?
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