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Found 5th May 2011
has anyone ever studied land surveying or quantity surveying , if you have by any chance , could have a look at your notes or work that you have done

or do you know of any good websites , anything really , i havnt done maths since i was a kid and you know what they say ' you dont use it you lose it '

seems ive lost alot of maths and nearly all my course work is done and most of its to a pretty good standard , i dont want to lose marks becuase my maths wasnt upto scratch

so any help would be apreciated


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It's the same with English really. 'Use it or lose it'.

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i guess its lucky i dont get marked on that then:{

Just basic maths, with a bit of trigonometry .. for calculations of lengths, areas and volumes

Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying is a good text book.

The maths is simple really, but the QS profession like all calculations laid out in a specific way, on special QS 'taking off' paper.

What kind of maths are you specifically looking for? Examples?

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i cant get my head around the taking off , i can do a normal square/ rectangle , but i lose it when its more difficult , so id like some examples of taking off , the books ive got show you what it is but its like they have cut out half the info , that and trigonomtry , need help with trigonomtry , so far i get how its used with the triangles and what not , but how do you do it
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