Query about deleted deals

    Hello - I was told by Edi the Moody Moderator to write in Misc about why my deals about PlainLazy have been deleted. Edi said it is self promotion but please can you tell me what I will get out seeing an offer on Twitter site about PlainLazy?!?!?! If you can tell me how i can make money out of plain lazy then you're a better person than i am!!

    I came on the site intially looking for a free eye test (Google referred me to hot uk deals). Below is quote from Edi: Please clarify

    QUOTE=edi;5952285]Self-promotion (where you personally benefit) is NOT allowed and we're quite strict about it. If you wish to discuss further, you may want to ask in Misc section and a Mod will clarify.[/QUOTE]


    Did you post some sort of referal link?

    Can you not ask the mod in question for clarification on this point?

    Huh:? :thinking:


    I think edi can be abit moody aswell. But then again if i was a mod i guess i would be to

    Please reply to the PM you received when your thread was initially removed from the forum and if you're unhappy about the decision, follow the instructions included with that message.


    Sometimes if it your first post and it isn't a well known site it can look like self promo. Maybe it was member spammed.

    PlainLazy is pretty well known though, I have a few t-shirts by them.

    Hello - I was told by Edi the Moody Moderator ........

    Hope thats not intentional.... I'm Moddy the Moderator :-D

    No point in discussing this further as OP is banned for serious breach of forum rules. Thread closed.

    Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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