Query about sims with successive numbers

    I happen to have several T-Mobile sims with successive numbers (eg 4 sims with numbers 075xxx03334, 5, 6 & 7) and was wondering whether anyone knows the market well enough to know whether the set had any value.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    my 4 sims from o2 are just like this so I presume its common.

    yeah same, the ones ive had from tmob and o2 before have been like this, its nice for some people to have similar numbers...but be careful dont ring the wrong person!

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    tyvm for the replies. Figured as much but just wanted to make sure! Rep left


    99% sims ordered online for free come as a set so no real value.

    before yes they were known as bronze silver gold platinum numbers and used to cost quite abit.

    that was when sim cards used to cost in excess of £15 and when mobiles werent all too common.

    these days these sims dont hold no value.

    people still think they can flog them on ebay. you'll probably find them but no one pays for them anymore.

    not only that, now with the sims theres an expiry date if you dont register them within a set period.

    To be honest, if you want a 'gold' number just call your network. Most agents that have been there a while know how to search the available numbers and change them. There some that the network will charge for (07654321XX or similar).
    But I changed a few mates over to 0777XXZZ777 at no cost...
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