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Found 2nd Aug 2014

I applied for my ESTA a number of months ago and don't travel whilst September.

The original application was a joint one with my partner, unfortunately due to break up (that's another story) she will no longer be going and I will be traveling alone.

Do I need to reapply for a new ESTA? or is the one in place ok. Can you make changes.

I don't really want them routing through my baggage (in both respects ;-) ) because of it.
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ESTA is done for a single person and not joint, you can just go back to the official site and sign back in with your previously used email address and reprint it and it will be your name only, hers will be under her email address and totally separate - so u are fine

This is assuming that you used the official site and not one of the bogus sites that do the same job but charge a huge fee

An ESTA will also last for 2 years from the original date of issue, this date will be on the ESTA
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I think you are ok, I take it you are on about a group ESTA?

As far as I am aware a group ESTA is just a simple way of not repeating details in the system but are issued separately anyway so it shouldn't make a difference if the other party is with you or not.

I say no you don't need to apply.

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Although you have applied together as a joint application it is still treated as an individual application. Do you have a copy of the reference number? As if so you can check your application is valid using the official website. If not you will need your passport number and some other personal info and it will confirm your ESTA details and confirm your application
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