Query on retail selling on beer

Found 20th Aug 2017
My partner bought some beer and we got back to discover he was charged £23 for 12 cans of beer. The cans were charged as single cans but they had the plastic holder round them.

Retailer was McCall's (Scotland)
Price was £1.95 per can and there was no label on the shelf

Can they do this. - O thought is single cans had to be on the shelf singly and not as 4s in the plastic rings?
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Hope its a decent beer for £1.95 a can ! If it was supposed to be £1.95 for 4 cans (not such a decent beer ) I'm sure they will refund if you take the receipt back and explain the error .
Carlsberg Export 568ml
How much did it say they were on the shelf? If there was no price on the shelf surely you would have either asked for the price or hit the floor when they wanted 23 quid off you.
They can sell them individually if they wish to, regardless of whether they've got the plastic on or not.
They can sell them singly or in 4
Seems good value at the prices you's have to pay up there, ain't it a quid per unit of alcohol or something stupid like that now?

Sturgeon's nanny state health fascism will be closing down all the chip shops next
They usually say on the can something like "part of a multi pack not to be sold separately" if you can't have them singly
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