QUERY - Spare RAM slots

    Im sure i was on this forum, and someone mentioned there was a way of finding out how may empty slots you have to place some RAM into your machine.

    The problem is, I want to get some new RAM installed on the work machines at work, however, i need to know what i need to order. Currently, these machines are strapped to the bottom of our desks, so i dont really fancy, unstrapping them, opening them, checking, then strapping them back on again... (about 50 machines)...

    So i was wondering if, (i think it was a website), theres a way of checking how many slots you have free... and also... if possible, but not essential.. how many slots you've currently got used... (maybe with how big of RAM sticks?),,,...

    Any help would be appriciated...




    Crucial will guarantee your order, and are really easy to deal with if you get a faulty chip, if your doing 50 machines might be nice to have that reassurance :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    All sorted... crucial did the jobby!... thanks guys... repp added...

    (now how do i close this thread?)

    Check hardware vendor sites

    Some sites will ask u to install a program which will tell you after running in browser, what all things are there in ur laptop/desktop and what is recommended and what is accepted by your machine and mother board.

    Suggestions, Prices all will be told you online.
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