quick question, i have bought a phone from china which looks like/is a replica of a phone which is coming out very soon from a company that is a piece of fruit. would i be able to sell it on here or not? here is a picture. This isnt an offer to sell, its to see if i can sell it here or not. i have the spec etc too…jpg


    So its a fake?

    It's still a phone made by a company. They claim it is similar to an iphone. Your not selling a fake iphone, your selling a phone...

    Switch it on and give us a look!

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    . .

    Yeah, switch it on and take some pics.

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    Dual Sim Card

    start up screen

    main screen

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    music player

    Media Player

    oh, I didn't realise it did claim to be an iphone!

    How much is it/was it?

    Can I be cheeky & ask how much you paid for it? (No probs if you don't wanna say)

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    apologies for the quality of the pictures but they are all with my phone.

    its got a 256mb micro sd and 2 batteries, its all touch screen, ive got a silicon case and screen protector too. will play all types of music mp3 etc.

    It cost me £120. Its just not my cup of tea. Impulse buy really!!

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    I bought it from Dealextreme so its the same phone.


    It cost me £120.

    scrap that,ive just checked my card statement and i didnt pay for ems shipping its free so it cost me around £87 with credit card charges

    And how much were you after for it? I just want to see what it's like!

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    it was delivered today, i would just want the money i paid out for it, say £90 inc delivery. I asked first as i didnt know if i could sell it on here

    Well, if you were going to you should stress it is not an iphone, and it's a:

    CECT P168 iFone Tri-Band PDA Phone

    but I buy from dealextreme all the time, and I would get it from there for cheaper, albeit £3!!


    Exchange rates must have taken a big nose dive! I'd have thought $156 would of been under £80! Having said that, its through customs!!!

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    i had to pay the fee from my credit card, i think it ws $170 when i ordered it (3 weeks ago) but they didnt have any stock.

    if anyone wanted it i would take off the £3 to match their price
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