Question about 2nd hand Sky+ boxes

    We have a standard Sky box, not HD or Plus. If we were to buy a used Sky+ box off a friend, can we just plug it in and go?

    Or will we need to upgrade our viewing plan and pay an extra fee to use Plus?


    If you have normal sky you will only have one lead coming from the dish.

    The box will work and you won't need to pay an upgrade but to get the full benefits of watching one channel while recording another you will need a second line from your dish.

    You have to change the LNB on the end of the dish as it has two cables instead of the one on a standard box

    sky are giving these away free at the moment - no monthy charge

    I did this a couple of years ago with a sky+ box. You can get certain channels but some won't clear until you register the box number with the sly people.

    If I remember correctly it took a call to support and a delve into the service menus to do. May be totally different now though.

    Savage Donkey is right, you need to give Sky a phone so they can pair the card up with the box so you can get all the channels you pay for. To get the info:

    Press Services, 4, 5

    will need the Version Number and the Serial Number

    if you don't have your own individual dish (like if you live in flats etc) then you could also use a stacker to get a second feed. These need to be professionally installed, but can be done for about £100
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