Question about £30 off £60 spend at littlewoods?

    Is it only one code per household

    Or could my brother use it then me on two different accounts? x


    I heard they break into your house and take you hostage if you use those codes....

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    whattt ? x

    be careful not to use it on a credit account they normally debit back on the account after dispatching goods.

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    ty x xxx

    Im sure there are a few threads knocking about, use the search, should save you a bit of pain :thumbsup:

    you'll be fine so long as it is 2 seperate accounts

    Is it safe to use this if your paying via debit card?

    You can order over the telephone. this way, you have proper confirmation.


    Is it safe to use this if your paying via debit card?

    debit card or credit card would be the best way
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