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Found 17th Jun 2010
I got a Grolsch draught keg from morrisons today and I'm a little confused how to use it. IT says chill it for 24 hours before use... so does that mean after that I can leave it out of the fridge?
Because I plan on chilling it til tomorrow, then taking it over a friends (30 minute journey) for the England game. He has a tiny fridge and I'm sure it won't fit, so would it be pointless taking it?
the keg is huge (10 pints), so I don't plan on leaving it in my fridge til it's gone, either!

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Think the Chill for 24Hours is just what they say as a marketing gimmick to ensure the beer is cold. Take it to your friends, although it might be abit warmer. Ask your friend if they have a bucket and fill it with ice then put the Home Draught into it to keep it cold

Going to go fetch mine tomorrow? is it big/heavy? don't fancy getting the two buses needed if it is.

how much these kegs costing?


£16.99 I think, but I got a voucher for a free one in a recent promotion … £16.99 I think, but I got a voucher for a free one in a recent promotion :thumbsup: :-D The woman at the checkout said somebody else got one earlier in the day for £13.99 maybe the different brands have different prices.

They are. The Carling is £13.99 then think grolsch was 15.99 then coors light the 16.99 one. When I got mine they didnt't have a clue about the promotion yesterday. Think I was the first to have got one free from the store. St Helens store it was, the staff was asking me how I got is also.

Mine's all gone now, as my Event was today for Birthday. Gonna buy another now, as it's better than having Cans.
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