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I haven't used Boots since the beginning of the year, but when I just went to Quidco I can't find them on there anywhere. They used to be 5% then went down to 3.5% but now nothing?! Had a look on and they aren't there! Checked out and only Boots Kitchen Appliances!!

What is going on there?

Does anyone know of a cashback site I can use for Boots please? Cheers

p.s. Was going to ask on the 'Quidco anything and everything' thread, but can't seem to navigate my way through the HUKD search or advanced search bar! Never known a search bar like this one lol!

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Have a look at the MSE cashback checker it compares the cashback from the main cashback sites.

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Ooo thanks for that link Kidcat, I didn't realise there was a cashback checker.

So, it seems that Boots are no longer giving cashback anywhere - damn shame :x Wonder why

I think the credit crunch is hitting everyone. Original Source no longer give out samples too.:?
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