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Found 4th Jan 2010
I am hoping that someone with a Renaissance car seat will be able to help me.
We have been given this car seat by my brother-in-law and have fitted it without probs. However, it does seem as though the actual seat has no padding. There is the seat cover (thin fabric) which sits directly on the plastic seat. This means it feels very hard & probably very uncomfortable to sit on. Is this how they are meant to be or is there some sort of padding that is missing?

Thanks for any help
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Its how they are meant to be. I think originally they had a VERY thin piece of foam but it ruined very quickly. It was literally 3mm thick! I bought some padding from my haberdashery place for a couple of my car seats and just cut to size.
Our Britax seats have loads of padding in them, i think the lower end ones have pretty thin padding tho

I would look at the same one in a shop to compare

I would look at the same one in a shop to compare

Unfortunately it is one that has been discontinued and googling it seems to come up with conflicting info
Is there a similar model ?

Is there a similar model ?

I can't seem to find one that is like it.
Looks like I'll be making my own padding
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