Question about buying a car

    I have never had a own car so I just wanted to ask what the procedure is when you buy a car.

    Lets say I go to car dealer, after the full payment could I drive the same day home? Do they everything for me, plates, tax, insurance?
    How is this done usually?

    the second thing, what if I buy it private? What do I need to check to be legal on the streets?

    Third thing, I thought I buy an old cheap car first, for practice and maybe later something better, how expensive is it to change cars?(are there registration cost, title costs ??)

    The last thing, for example I buy an old Vw polo, how much would a young (24 old driver) pay insurance, the cheapest possible scenario.

    Thanks for you help!


    If you buy from a main dealer, it's not likely you'll drive it away on the same day as they normally give it a clean, prepare the tax (if there is none) etc. You will need to sort the insurance yourself, try or compare the market for a price. If you're a new driver, it's likely you'll pay through the nose but it is needed.

    Most people start with an old car & work their way up. Depending on which car you go from, there's no charge for changing cars, just the difference in price between the car you trade in & the car you purchase.

    Good luck!

    I'd definitely start with an old car, Your likely to have a bump or two in your first couple of years driving.

    Also your better off buying a nearly new car simply because the depreciation factor.

    no title costs just send off the new owner pat of the papers to the DVLA
    I think at 25 that is a milestone for in it should drop a little.

    Before you drive a car away you need road tax/insurance/and your licence. I wouldnt buy a cheap car from a dealer but ask around friends for recommendations locally.

    Whenever I've bought from a dealer, twice, I agree a price, ask them to sort the odd thing out (one of my foglights was cracked in my current car), leave a deposit and then pick it up a few days later.

    As said earlier it gives them time to mot/service/get tax ready etc.
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