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Hi all

Basically i am buying a domain name as im looking to set up up my own website. The domain name i want is available and im looking to buy it from

My question is, can i use this domain name and use a server from a different company? or will i need to buy there web hosting package?

i want to get the site looking pretty professional and will more than likely be paying for it to be created. However i want to go ahead and buy the domain name now but use another server from a different company? is this possible.

Hope it makes sense. Thanks

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Yes you can buy a domain name via one company and host it at another company (note you may get a better deal doing it via the one company - they may give you the domain name for free or at a reduced price, to encourage you to do it all through them).

When you buy a domain name it is actually registered with an organization called Nominet (for UK domain names).

123-reg (like all ISPs) are only acting as the AGENT. The site is actually registered with Nominet (though you cant go to Nominet directly).

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Yes..... and I'd recommend you do it that way.

123-reg is a good choice for domain host IMHO

What the site looks like has no baring on the domain or web host. Thats all down to the skill of the author. (inb4 offers of "help")

I'd go with godaddy myself 9 times out of ten they are cheaper than 123 reg + there are always
loads of vouchers floating around.

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ok thanks guys i understand.
Will the '''' get removed if the content is not suitable? by doing a ''.com'' adress is it less likely the site will get shut down? sorry new to this.

I know if my server is based elsewhere then that will be safe.. just wandering about the domain name?

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Also could anyone reccomend websites to create a preoffesional looking site? thanks



Also could anyone reccomend websites to create a preoffesional looking … Also could anyone reccomend websites to create a preoffesional looking site? thanks

Will you be selling your body?


what will be on the site and whats the target audience?

If the target is UK based, then get a domain from 123-reg and a UK based host.

If its world wide, get a or .com and host either UK or US

US is generally cheaper to host, but will be weighted against on google should you use a

Really depends on what you are doing.... spill.....

I don't think it matters what you are doing unless your planning on registering or Have a look at wordpress and joomla you can make a professional looking site in a couple of hours.
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