Question about call of duty games - black ops?

    My son has asked for Call of Duty - Black Ops 3 which I think is the most current game in Call of Duty series? I am not sure though. Is it a lot different from Call of Duty - Black Ops 2? Are there different versions of the game? And is this the best game in the series? I have form for buying the wrong game/versions so thought I would ask the experts on here. Thanks.


    infinite Warfare is the newest call of duty game in the series

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the latest game in the series, the best games are the older games in the series like blops 1 and prior to that

    however it is a fairly recent game in the series, and a good one aswell

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    Ok so should I get black ops 1 then? So confused. Would have thought black black ops 3 would have been an improvement but maybe not? Cheers.

    As others have stated, Infinite Warfare is the latest and Black Ops 3 is the one before. IW is available for around £17 new and you should look to pay around £10 for BO3.

    They will be relatively similar, however I would suggest that you get him the one that all his friends have so that they can play online together. They are both modern shooters and so they play the same, but it may be that he wants BO3 for a specific reason.

    cod 3 £9.99 in sainsbury


    Ok so should I get black ops 1 then? So confused. Would have thought … Ok so should I get black ops 1 then? So confused. Would have thought black black ops 3 would have been an improvement but maybe not? Cheers.

    Each new game has a new story and some adjustments to the gameplay. The differences can be difficult to spot to those that don't play the games, but people tend to find that some games are smoother and more fun to play than others, or have better level design. It doesn't mean that the new ones are bad, just that some people prefer the old versions. I personally don't play them enough to really appreciate the distinctions.

    What console is it for?

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    Xbox. Thanks.

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    cod 3 £9.99 in sainsbury

    What for black ops?


    What for black ops?

    ​black ops 3 ps4. saw it earlier at Wakefield store

    IMO I wouldn't buy infinite warfare it's just gathering dust on my shelf. Modern Warfare remastered is worth getting. Not sure if you can buy separately (I'm PS4). before Black Ops 3 was Advanced Warfare which was terrible IMO. I'd try maybe battlefield 1 and wait till November for the next COD release

    Newest to Oldest

    Infinite Warfare - Awful game designed on BO3 movement. However, the Legacy Edition includes Modern Warfare Remastered which is great.
    Black Ops 3 - An average game but fun at times
    Advanced Warfare - Just don't!
    Ghosts - Quite fun to play but not the best game. This is the first cod which was available on next gen (PS4 and XB1) but XB now has backwards compatibility. PlayStation doesn't have this.
    Black Ops 2 - Argueably the best cod, but not all aspects of the game are playable given the number of new cods.

    The only cod worth buying before these is Modern Warfare 2 but it is almost unplayable now with hackers.

    Be warned, if your son is a bit younger than 18, the multiplayer modes mean that he can hear (and speak to if he has a headset) other people. It's almost guaranteed that they will use obscene language you won't want him to hear (I am one of these people, sorry!)

    I would visit CEX and start by picking up the cheapest COD game, and let him work through them. Unless of course hes had some of the older ones already.

    Hes plenty of people who still play the older games but does he have XBox live?

    I've read the comment's are we are all looking at it from a gameplay point of view & most likely a more mature review of the franchise. The first thing that came to my mind is, Multiplayer is what the kids enjoy these days, I'd take a guess and say some don't even play the Single player element to the games. He may be asking for Ops 3 because he wants to play with his mates online if you allow that ?

    If you buy him Ops 1/2 he wont be able to play with his buddys if they all play 3.
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