question about certain osps phone deals, why are they not posted?

    I was wondering if there is a reason that some osps deals such as 12 months free on a 12 month contract (800mins and 500 texts) with a clearance LG Chocolate phone aren't posted on here? Is it just because the phone isn't that great or are there other reasons? As far as I can tell a lot of their clearance contracts with average phones seem like really good deals for people that are after maximum free mins/texts.
    My last OSPS contract has just ended today so I'm looking for a new one and I don't remember there being such good deals 12 months ago.


    Why don't you post them ... ?


    From what i have seen these deals dont go down well, but thats just my opinion, people post its a cack phone, or you wont get your ashback, etc, etc, but one way to find out is post the deal, go on prove me wrong ;-)

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    Why don't you post them ... ?

    I figured maybe there was a catch that I was missing or something. They have been on the OSPS site for the last couple of months and I remember reading a post onhere about how their t&c's had changed and people were going off them. :?
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